Thursday, June 25, 2015

Clocked In

What a day at work!!!

Most of my friends and family have no idea what I do for money, they know I am a personal trainer and coach of some sorts, but my main source of income derives from my work as a Program Assistant at a Non-Profit organization called the Fellowship Cup. The organization is faith-based in Christianity and serves the community in it's major areas of need which include food for the under-served, shelter-assistance, medical equipment, school-meals for students and an auxillary store that furnishes plenty of housing and daily living needs.

Today...I understood why I work where I work more then ever. I won't go into details, but through adversity, set-backs and the elements themselves the staff battled and continued fighting the good fight!!! We don't get a lot of good publicity for what we do because sometimes we have to turn people away and also say "No" even though it's so hard to do!!! Today, my staff earned their pay and fought through all the way until the final tick of the clock.

But I Love my job because we work so hard to serve not just our community but our God through the service he has called us to do. I Love my co-workers; they've taught me so much in how to work, why I work and just life in general. I've also grown a Love for a community I didn't grow up in, yet I find beauty in the smiles of these children and the faces of their families. I know God called me here for a reason. My time here will not last forever but I thank him for the opportunity to serve where I am right now!!! I appreciate that folks, God stay raining down blessings even when you don't see them. Good day friends!!! Peace and God Bless